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The Machinist Warstrider 'Sage' was once a peaceful giant that roamed the Frozen Scar. Recently her weapons went online, and she has made travelling there far more dangerous.

Hawkwolves, the feathery bladed predators of the western Skylands, occasionally bring their masters gifts. 

The Rekutii war-bow allows for the rapid fire of most types of arrows, in addition to powerful charged shots for those strong enough to fully draw its thick bowstring.

Hawkwolves make for excellent allies in skirmishes, even when slightly outnumbered.

To challenge the ape-like construction bots, you'll need to be quick on your feet and ideally have some sort of polearm to keep some distance between you - or, at least, a weapon that transforms into a one.

The Saylan Ropeslinger was a tool gifted to the Jaahtra in an attempt to make their treetop dwellings easier to navigate. It is very versatile, sometimes even in getting machines to rip off their own armour.

Hawkwolves are tough, but you should probably keep them away from warstrider scorch beams. 

Though they are bitterly cold, nights in the Frozen Scar are also known for their beauty.

Weather permitting, it's never a bad idea to climb to a good vantage point to get a lay of the land and plan your next destination. 

The 'Lionheart' class hoverbike is a good way to level the playing field when hunting a large machine like the warstrider.

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