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The Jurakutii are a race of Mustelids known for their welcoming demeanors, and their architectural skills. Some choose to live in beautiful homes carved into oceanside cliffs, while others live in overwater dwellings. Their homeland, Jura, is in close proximity to Springbog and the Floodlands; by extension, they live close to many old world ruins that were swallowed by water and forgotten by time.


The Saylan Monarchy chartered an expedition into the derelict facilities and ever since that failed venture, the Jurakutii started making efforts to prevent any from exploring the forgotten places below - even making a deal with their coast's pirates, which created tensions between the Jurakutii and the Saylan.  The few surviving expedition members never said exactly what they saw in the depths below - perhaps some parts of the old world are better left forgotten.





Jurakäädyr, also known as the Crython, is a semi-aquatic reptile found in East Jura, West Jura, and the Springbog. They can live in both freshwater and saltwater environments, with the colours of their scales dependent on the type of water they were hatched in. It is one of the fastest creatures in the water, while remaining able to move at an acceptable pace on land. They are able to withstand freezing temperatures when swimming, but struggle when trudging through frigid conditions outside of the water. The Crython can also stand on walk on its hind legs, should it need more height or if opening its frill still isn't intimidating enough.


They are highly intelligent, and make for loving companions when tamed - but approaching one in the wild is not recommended unless you know what you are doing. Failure to observe a safe distance or failure to escape fast enough may lead to death, either by blood-loss or constriction.