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Public Demo #1: "Ascension"

Play through a single quest that will have you escape an old ruin filled with once dormant technology, and brave the biting winds of the Frozen Scar.


Ride, glide, and slide your hawkwolf into battle against the Broodmother.


Experience a small taste of what Project Sky will have to offer.



Project Sky.exe might not appear in the folder after extraction.

Workaround: You need to add Project Sky.exe as an exception to your anti-virus.

As long as you downloaded the game from the link below, I promise there aren't any viruses.

There is one particular optional room that is unintentionally difficult to get into.

Workaround: Persistence      


Download the archive from the link provided below.     

Using an unarchiving tool of your choice, extract the archive's contents to any folder.

Run Project Sky.exe


Google Drive (Windows)

Wide-screen monitors don't display the main UI properly, and the resolution setting dropdown is inaccessible.

Download the two .xml files from here.
Drag them into Project Sky's GameData folder and when prompted, replace the two existing files there.

This will not fix the UI scaling, but it will move the resolution dropdown setting to the middle of the graphical settings window so you can adjust the resolution and actually be able to play the game.

Download Size:

Install Size:





- Initial Release


Bug Fixes:

- Fixed an issue that would break checkpoint reloading, and require a restart
- Fixed item duplication when looting items that would create cursed items that caused other subsequent issues
- Fixed a fun bug that would cause you to shotgun every arrow in a stack at once, when firing certain arrow types
- Made an objective skippable at the start to prevent those soft-locks

+ The weapon HUD display now changes when you are holding a throwable item
+ Added a prompt to select an ammo type when you exhaust all ammo in a stack
+ Motion blur is now off by default (Can be changed in GRAPHICS settings)
+ Sprinting is now a toggle by default (Can be changed in CONTROL settings)



Bug Fixes:

- Fixed an issue that would cause the boss's attacks to lockup for the remainder of the fight

+ Reworded a few of the tutorials
+ Game now started windowed by default, so as to prevent the black screen issue mentioned earlier
+ Changed the hawkwolf camera profile, now centers the camera the closer you are zoomed in so you can see those petting animations up close

+ Changed the grenade on hawkwolf camera profile, now more zoomed in and is different enough to communicate that you are currently holding grenades
+ Ice no longer looks like poorly rendered water, still needs work but it's better


The game window goes black when in fullscreen mode, on some computers.

WorkaroundUnfortunately, this is a Unity Engine bug that they marked as 'fixed' even though it clearly isn't - so I'm not sure how to fix it permanently.
The game now starts in windowed mode to prevent this. If you black-screened after changing it and can't change it back, replace UserSettings.xml DefaultSettings.xml in the GameData folder with the original files from the archive.