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Explore a vast world of old technology and untamed wilderness.

Explore the world your way

Create your intelligent travel companion

Craft unique equipment

Adapt quickly to survive

Wage war against your foes

Create a companion from one of the seven indigenous tribes that will learn about the world as you do. Become an efficient team, watching each other's backs and learn how best to work with one another as your relationship evolves.

Respect the locales you visit; they are usually more dangerous than any enemy you will ever encounter. Ensure you pack the right gear for whatever climate you're planning on exploring. Your metal armour might shrug off blades and arrows, but the cold will still kill you faster.

You will have a variety of tools and strategies at your disposal for every encounter. Against smaller enemies, perhaps you might lay traps and ready your arrows to strike from afar - or, you could charge in and attempt to cripple their legs to prevent escape. Against colossal machines, perhaps employ your nimble hawkwolf to dodge any barrages of missiles and gunfire - or, you could use your grappling hook to scale them and deal damage directly. The choice is yours.

Create armour and weapons that are truly yours. Customize each part of your equipment, right down to the materials that each component is made of. Experiment around and create the perfect piece of gear that will complement your playstyle.

Traverse a massive continent any way you see fit - whether it be swinging from cliff to cliff with a grappling hook, creating your own ziplines with the Saylan Ropeslinger, or riding on the back of a mighty hawkwolf, the choice is yours.


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 Embrace the rules of the wild. Hunt colossal machines. Free the sky.

Brave the forsaken south

Investigate why the false gods disappeared many generations ago by exploring the perilous southern half of the continent, and the ruins that it houses. Prepare yourself for unnatural environmental hazards such as dry lightning storms, acid flash floods, and orbital bombardments. Be wary of what lurks around every corner, and listen closely to hear the whispers of a violent past. The south beckons.